Johnny Gill

Keyo was founded by Denny Keogh in 1959 becoming a cutting edge surfboard manufacturer of the 60's and shaping stable to some of the most famous surfing personalities of the shortboard revolution.

For the past 12 years John Gill (son in law of Denny Keogh) has been making boards under the Keyo label. With the interest surrounding John and his Keyo surfboards we have created this website.

Keyo International is an endeavour to document Keyo past and present. It is a collective of contributors from surfers, skaters and bike riders who share a common passion. Keyo International is without social or geographical restrictions, so everyone and anyone who shares a Keyo interest contact

I like butter chicken and twin fins

I like gardening and single fins

I like skating and bike riding

I like girls with freckles... my wife has freckles

I like playing with my kids

Oh yeah, I like shaping the odd surfboard here & there

That's my story.. See ya in da surf