EGG BLUE PRINT_E_Paper back.jpg

The Egg has been around since the late 60’s and is a direct result from the shortboard revolution. Now 50 years on Keyo is still making this versatile shape, although some modern influences have crept in.

The bottom contour consists of a slight V entry to semi hull mid section progressing to a double concave in rolled V under back foot. Standard glassed as 4oz + 4oz decks and 6oz bottom.

The versatile Egg design can be shaped short and wide for smaller conditions and longer and narrow for larger heavier waves, and can be surfed retro style as a single fin or like a modern short board with a twin fin and trailer set up.

Sizes range from 5'10"-7'0" and comes standard with a clear glass job with side bite plugs and a 3mm obeche stringer