Pelagornis SANDERSI


The name comes from a prehistoric soaring seabird with a wingspan of 24 feet, capable of gliding over the oceans for thousands of miles without flapping its wings, using a technique called “Dynamic Soaring”.

This Keyo giant glider has a beautiful plan shape, sleek and slender and finely foiled with a long, low even rocker. 

It’s simple bottom contour of a slight roll leading into a subtle V through the tail makes the board fast and smooth and really maneuverable for its size. You could say the Pelagornis Sandersi is perfect for some “Dynamic Soaring”.

We glass these boards solidly, (solid as the beak on that ancient bird), using a large area Volan patch on the deck as they quite often knee paddled.

Only available in one length, with the option of either a square or pin tail.

Length:  12’