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to Keyo's new digital home.
Nothing has changed behind the scenes, we're still one family bent on the idea of creating surfboards true to our name, with honesty, integrity and 60 odd years of experience.

Take your time, look around, see what makes us tick.
Find out about the culture that surrounds Keyo, and the
craft that embodies our lifestyle.


All our boards are shaped by one man, Johnny (Keyo) Gill. 
Acutely aware of Keyo's place in Australia's surfing culture, Johnny's respect for tradition, foam and resin, is second to none. 20 years of board making has resulted in an ability to get the most out of each board, for each rider. Read more about the shapes that have been refined over the years.

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Not one to ever sit still, Johnny is also a master craftsman with a needle and thread.
Designed to serve as ruggedly durable, functional staples, our canvas bags embody all the philosophies that we are so proud to uphold.

Check out the range, or get in contact for something tailor made.


Here at Keyo, we understand how important it is to support local industry, and building real relationships with the real people who help produce our wears. Thats why all our apparel is printed by our mates in Brookvale, Sydney, on high quality, ehthically produced blanks.

We want you to feel as good as you’ll look, when wearing our gear, so head over to the store and check out the range.

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The Keyo Family


Nothing puts a spring in our step, like seeing friends out in the water, riding a Keyo. 
While we have our team riders ripping, the Kartel boys blowing the competition out of the water, and the Keyo Girl gang, giving the lady loggers a platform to come together, we want you to become part of the family too.
Keep your eyes peeled for a Keyo beach day, where we invite everyone to come down to our slice of paradise, pitch up for the day, and leave with new mates. If you ride a Keyo you're already invited and if you haven’t made the cross-step yet, we can turn a blind eye...

 We're focused on building positive surf culture as much as world class surfboards.