Keyo South Korea


Keyo has friends all over the world, however none more special than our South Korean brothers.

Our team was invited to attend a music and surfing festival called “Midnight Picnic” a celebration of outdoor activities and a killer night of the coolest music from the hippest DJ’s to their local K-Pop. There was a Keyo surfing exhibition for thousands of people at Busan, autographs signings and chatting with the most stoked locals ever, (generally feeling like rockstars. Ha!) The excitement and enthusiam was inspiring.

The trip was also used to promote surfing, single fin logging in particular and introduce Keyo to the ever expanding South Korean surf culture.

Our Keyo Team hung out with a crew that go by the name of the ‘South Swell Boys’ , a collective of like minds all with particular strengths that contribute to a movement that is keenly embracing the surf culture heavily influenced by the Australian and Californian surf scene of the 60’s.

This unforgettable trip couldn’t have been possible with out a number of special people, Kiwoo Lee, Sanho Kim and Jang Sun Jung (JJ) and all the South Swell Boys, however their is one man in particular we would love to thank and that is Sangwoo Shin. He is so passionate about creating the single fin logging scene in South Korea and we are greatful he chose Keyo to be apart of it.

Love you brother from another mother.

Vanessa Gill