The Story of the Taxi Cab


Many years ago Johnny made himself a board, a Californian style nose rider inspired by a Rich Pavel shape he had ridden a few years earlier.
He wanted to make something iconic to stand out from the crowd, so he glassed it in a solid yellow opaque and put a black and white checked band across at the required nose-riding comp measurement. It was automatically dubbed the ‘Taxi cab’. He would go on to ride it for years collecting dings along the way which he would fix in black (Like Jack in Big Wednesday) to show its wounds, to show the character of the life it had had.

Over 10 years later Wylie, his son, old enough now to be a logger of impeccable style, would ask his dad if he could make him a board similar to his old Taxi cab.

So Johnny set out to reincarnate the Cab, though wanting to keep it current , he kept the aesthetic and upgraded its design. With the same Yellow opaque glass job Johnny moved the checkered band back to the boards hips, highlighting the change in its template and reflecting the progression of his shaping.

The result; Same same but different. We love it and now Wylie has an Iconic board thats definitely unmistakable and his own to be dinged along the way…

kim stanek