TRaditional Fish


With Origins dating back to the 60’s and a strong cult following the Traditional Fish, originally designed by Steve Lis has stood the test of time.

Johnny has been fortunate enough to spend some time with Rich Pavel who handed down knowledge, theories and formulas to unlock the code to the amazing fish.
“It is with confidence I make these remarkable little boards and it is with joy that I ride them.”

The Traditional fish has a wide area tail, low rocker, a down rail and a pair of keels attached which gets you moving down the line quickly.  These boards can be surfed short and snappy or with long and drawn out archs, depending on mood or conditions

Sizes range from 5'0" - 6'2" and comes standard with a clear glass job and a 3mm Obeche stringer
Shown here with a custom 'musk-stick pink' tint