This board is just that, the unadorned, clean slate longboard. 

John's skills in shaping surfcraft, are really the tangible result of understanding the nuanced detail of how to have the most fun in the water.

Tell him who you are, what waves you want to ride, and how you want to ride them, and his mind will start shaping before he can get to the bay. Be it a blessing or a curse, its the way he works so you'd may as well make the most of it. 

Weather your after a Pin-tailed, parallel railed flat rockere'd section slayer, or a wide nose, blunt tail hipped out whip, this is where it all begins. 


Starting at $1650
Sizes range 9’0” - 9’8” and comes standard with a clear glass job top and bottom, and 9mm T-band Stringer. 

John can add a bell here, and a whistle there, to customise the look of your new ride. Be sure to specify in your order-form, or for a direct line call John on 0414577813

Glue Line (single or twin) - $50
Cedar Stringer - $50
High-density foam insert stringer -  $75
Volan or single colour tinted glassing top and bottom - $150
Glass in fin - $150