Looking for that one board quiver or the mid-length that has everything?

Great paddle, great manoeuvrability, awesome speed, and the ability to be surfed in knee high to over head waves, this board is it.

The Velo has that magic combination of low rocker, forward volume, a pulled in tail, and the thrust + hold delivered though a 2+1 fin set up. We have surfed this board in all conditions, from mushy beachies to peeling point breaks and if there was room for only one board, the Velo would be the one to take, without a doubt.

The bottom is almost flat under the chest, to slight double concave, with a touch of V under the back foot. Rails are just right - not too pinched and not too full.


Sizes range from 6'4" - 7’6” and comes as standard with a clear glass job and a 9mm Cedar stringer.

The Velo can also be set up as a quad, with FCS II or Futures fin boxes.