In 1957 a young Denny Keogh started shaping surfboards from a garage, and officially opened the Keyo Surfboard factory and retail shop in the Northern Beaches suburb of Brookvale in 1959. A neighbourhood that quickly became the countries surfboard manufacturing hub.

Midget Farrelley, winner of the 1962 Makahah international, was the first surfboard shaper brought in to help with the workload. Denny in fact shaped the board that Midget rode to victory in the first World Surfing Championships, held at Manly Beach in 1964.

Bob McTavish joined Keyo in 1967 where he shaped the first Vee-bottom a wide backed nine footer that kicked off the short board revolution. The McTavish designed Keyo Plastic Machine Vee bottom models were soon selling at the astonishing rate of 70 a week.

In 1968 Nat Young came on board and with his high profile they produced another popular model, the Nat Young Tracker.

Later that year the Keyo factory burnt to the ground, but was quickly re-opened in the premises behind the gutted factory.

Other high profile shapers to work under the Keyo label were guys like Kevin Platt, Neil Purchase, Geoff Mc Coy, Col Smith, Phil Cooper and Mickey Mac.

Some classic Keyo models are the Keyo International, Tailor Made, Plastic Machine, Kevin Platt Model, Egg, Side Slipper and The Virgin.

In 1972 Denny acquired the Hobie Cat franchise and began building the catamarans. By 1974 the production of Keyo surfboards stopped giving way to the high demand of the popular Hobie Cat.

In the mid 90's John Gill married Denny's daughter Vanessa, since then he has been producing boards under the Keyo label. He has an underground yet respected following and Keyo Surfboards are in demand once again.

Keyo surfboards are a surfer’s board; they are finely tuned and perform extremely well, with a distinct single fin preference. John’s boards could be described as performance Logs channeling the late 60's style of progressive surfing. Where turns are as important as trim.

John has a rich history that helps shape his ideas. A foundation Denny established being a world leader in surfboard design through an age when design innovation was at its most active.

It is with honor that John carries on the Keyo name.